BT-AUTO T5 HID Ballast Fast Start AC HID Xenon Kit 35w 55w Canbus HID Conversion Kit D1 D2 D3 D4 Xenon Kit

Short Description:

We supply BT-AUTO T5 HID Ballast Fast Start AC Xenon Kit 35w 55w Canbus HID Conversion Kit D1 D2 D3 D4 Xenon Kit.

We have been specializing in car LED lighting and HID products markets for years. We Provide high-end customized products and services for customers. We are looking forward to cooperating and building relationships with customs from all over the world.

P-out(total): 35W / 55W

P-out(effective): 35W / 45W

V-in: DC 9-32V / DC 9- 16(with decoder)

I-start(12V): 5.5A / 6.0A


Product Detail

Type HID
Q-out(total) 35W / 55W
P-out(effective) 35W / 45W
V-in DC 9-32V / DC 9- 16(with decoder)
V-start 23000±3000V
V-in DC 9-16V
V-out AC 40-140V
I-start(12V) 5.5A / 6.0A
I-op(12-V) 3.2A/35W, 4.3A/55W, 3.6A/35W(with decoder), 4.8A/55W(with decoder)
PCB 4 layers
Open circuit Protected(<1s)
Short circuit Protected(<1s)
Working temperature -45℃~+85℃
Car make universal
Life span 3000+hrs
Size 107.5 * 65 * 18.5mm
Certificate CE, RoHS
Bulb application AMP, D1, D2, D3, D4

Model: T5-35W, T5-55W

All in one design hid ballast:

Separated design is compatible for AMP, D1, D2, D3, D4 hid bulbs; Input 2 types: power cable, decoder cable; Output 3 types: APM, D1/D3(universal), D2/D4(universal); Integrated bracket for easy installation.

Intelligent PCB:

Super DSP main chip: highly integrated, more efficient and stable; 4 layers PCB: strong function, high performance; Intelligent output voltage: automatically matches bulb’s voltage: AMP/D1/D2(AC85V) or D3/D4 (AC42V); Strong self-protection: output open circuit protection, short circuit protection, etc.; All components are SMD type: high performance, low defective, more stable, longer life span.

EMC WIRE CABLE; Copper+PET packing output wire harness, reducing radio interference.

Decoder CANBUS wire cable:

DC 9-16V with decoder; 22000uF+3000uF big capacitors inside, strong CANBUS function; Copper+PET packing wire harness, reducing radio interference; 9006 standard socket, plug and play, easy installation; Excellent waterproof and dustproof, sealed by glue; 3 PIN AMP socket: firmer and tighter than normal 2 PIN socket, Unique and elegant; High level solution; Pass BMW E-series, F-series, Mini; Pass BENZ C200; Pass VW Tiguan, Sagitar, Lavida; Pass AUDI A-series; Pass BUICK-Envision; Pass JEEP-Campass; Pass FORD-Focus; Pass KIA-K3; Pass DODGE, etc.

Intellient output:

T5+AMP(AC85V) CABLE; T5+D1(AC85V)/D3(AC42V) CABLE; T5+D2(AC85V)/D4(AC42V) CABLE.


Input: Decoder cable, OUTPUT: AMP bulb; Input: Power cable, OUTPUT: AMP bulb

Input: Power cable, OUTPUT: D1/D3 bulb; Input: Power cable, OUTPUT: D2/D4 bulb

T5 Full hid conversion kit: 2pcs ballast + 1pair(2pcs) xenon bulb + 2pcs wire cable + 1 pc kit box

Dimension: 107.5 * 81 * 65 mm


Hard box: 140*95*30mm; Customized is accepted.

Welcome OEM and ODM  for all BT-AUTO HID Headlight and LED Headlight.

t5 (1) t5 (2) t5 (3) t5 (4) t5 (5) t5 (6) t5 (7) t5 (8) t5 (9) t5 (10) t5 (11)

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