BT-AUTO SMD3030-3 Car LED Reverse Bulb LED Turn Signal Light T10 194 C5W Festoon Lamp Auto LED Bulb

Short Description:

We provide BT-AUTO SMD3030-3 Car LED Reverse Bulb LED Turn Signal Light T10 194 C5W Festoon Lamp Auto LED Bulb. We have built constant business relationships with customers from Russia, Europe, North America, South America and so on. We are looking forward to cooperating long term business with you.

Available models: T10, T15, T20(7440,7443), T25(3157), S25(1156,1157), FOG

Voltage: 9-24V

Power: 2.16W, 4.32W, 4.32W/high, 0.72W/low

Available color: white, yellow, amber, red, green/blue/pink for T10 only


Product Detail

Type Auto led light
Current 0.36A
Power 2.16W, 4.32W, 4.32W/high, 0.72W/low
Voltage 9-24V
PCB soft glass fiber double sides FPC
Available color White amber red
Polarity Non-polarity
Life span 30000+ hours
Warranty 12 months
MOQ 50pcs
Certificate CE, RoHS
Function turning, reversing, braking, DRL, FOG light.
Car fitment universal, can use on cars like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, KIA, Hyundai, BENS, BMW, Audi, Citroen, Peugeot, FORD, BUICK, Chevy, etc.High cost-effective led bulb.


SMD3030 LED chip; Aluminum heat sink body; Anti-heat PC cover; High quality socket; Built-in intelligent driver; Soft glass fiber double sides FPC


SMD3030 LED Chip:

Top quality SMD3030 LED chip; SMD3030: 2W/pcs, 130lm/W


Double sides soft glass fiber FPC PCB:

Soft PCB for better 360°structure design; Double sides PCB for better quality; Glass fiber PCB for high cost performance.


Aluminum body:

Aviation level aluminum alloy; Die-cast aluminum body, integrated, good heat-conduction and elegant; Large heat sink surface area, superior cooling performance.


PC cover:

Anti-heat, high intensity and damage resistance; Making the lighting 360 degree and smooth.



Stable and efficient; Constant current, non-polarity; High quality SMD components.



Original adapter, standard and small; High strength, high insulation, anti-corrosion; Easy installation with the long wire cable; Plug and Play.



Available color:

T10:white/amber/halogen/amber/red/blue/ice blue/green/pink/purple; T15: white, T20/T25/S25: white/amber/red/white+amber; FOG: white/gold/halogen,


High lumen:

T10: 200LM/w/g/h, 100LM/a, 50LM/r, 25LM/b, 145LM/ib, 100LM/g, 130LM/p, 20LM/pp; T15: 340LM/w, 160LM/a, 60LM/r; T20/T25/S25: 390LM/w, 180LM/a, 75LM/r, 390+150LM/w+a; FOG: 400/600/800/900LM/w/g/h, 300LM/a; Beam angle: 360°; Good lighting pattern.



We have integrating sphere tester and other professional testing machines; All products in the order will be tested before ship out.



easy installing, plug and play, fits for almost all cars; CAN connect an extra resistor If have canbus problem, like error on dash board, fickler, etc.

Warranty: take video of the problem to replace new or refund with next new order together.



Blister package: elegant, blister is sealed with high frequency plastic welding machine; Box package: supereme, high-end; Customized package is accepted, require MOQ 1000pcs.

3030- (1) 3030- (3) 3030- (2) 3030- (4) 3030- (5) 3030- (7) 3030- (6) 3030- (9) 3030- (8) 3030- (10) 3030- (11) 3030- (12) 3030- (13) 3030- (14) 3030- (16) 3030- (15)

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