BT-AUTO T3 HID Xenon Ballast 23kv 35W 55W CANBUS Fast Start CE ROHS EMARK HID Ballast Xenon Kit

Short Description:

We are selling BT-AUTO T3 HID Xenon Ballast 23kv 35W 55W CANBUS Fast Start CE ROHS EMARK HID Ballast  Xenon Kit.

We have been specializing in car LED lighting markets for years. We have been expanding the range of products to many kinds of auto LED Lighting Products, to meet the needs of customers. We are looking forward to become your good long-term partner in China.

P-out(total): 35W / 55W

P-out(effective): 35W / 50W

V-in: DC 9- 32V / DC 9-16V(with CANBUS)

I-start(13.5V): 4.5A (S3/C3), 5.5A(S5/C5), 7.5A(F3/F5)

Product Detail

Type HID
Main chip DSP 32bit dual core
PCB 4layers
P-out(total) 35W / 55W
P-out(effective) 35W / 50W
V-in DC 9- 32V / DC 9-16V(with CANBUS)
V-start 23000±3000V
I-start(13.5V) 4.5A (S3/C3), 5.5A(S5/C5), 7.5A(F3/F5)
I-op(13.5V) 3.1A/35W, 4.2A/55W
CANBUS Strong & full range
Frequency ±300Hz(≥250Hz/other suppliers)
T-op -45℃~+85℃
Time-steady ≤10s
Efficiency ≥85%
Defective rate < 0.5%
Beam angle 360 degree
Warranty 18 months
Car make universal
Life span 3000+hrs
Size 88.5*74.3*17.5mm
Cover material Aluminum alloy
Certificate CE, RoHS
E-mark: E13 10R-05 13950
Patent No. 201530550435.9


T3 CANBUS ballast: T3-C3-35W, T3-C5-55W; T3 Standard ballast: T3-S3-35W, T3-S5-55W; T3 Fast start ballast: T3-F3-35W, T3-F5-55W.


DSP main chip:

DSP: Digital signal processing; Dual core 32 bit; High integrated, more efficient and stable,

Heat radiation hole on cover for transformer.


Multi layers PCB:

4 layers PCB, better circuit layout; Efficient and low defective rate.


Super CANBUS Decoder:

20000+1000uF capacitor; High level solution; Pass BMW E-series, F-series, Mini; Pass BENZ C200; Pass VW Tiguan, Sagitar, Lavida; Pass AUDI A-series; Pass BUICK-Envision; Pass JEEP-Campass; Pass FORD-Focus; Pass KIA-K3; Pass DODGE, etc.



Low impulse current wave; Stable current; Pass CISPR25 Class-4 test,


EMC wire cable:

Copper+PET packing input & output wires for shielding electromagnetic interference; Solving radio/audio/electronic devices interference problem.


Strong start voltage:

23000±3000V high voltage produced by ignition coil(±17000V/other ballasts); Fast full bright and strong lighting up; Good components for long life span and more brightness.


Full power output:

35Wballast: P-op: 35-28W(28-32W/other ballasts); 55Wballast: P-op: 50-53W(40-45W/other ballasts).


Stable current:

I-start: 4.5A(S3/C3), 5.5A(S5/C5), 7.5A(F3/F5); I-op: 3.1A/4.2A@13.5V, 4.2A/13.5A@13.5A(55W).

T3 Full hid conversion kit: 2pcs ballast + 1pair(2pcs) hid xenon bulb + 2pcs wire cable + 1 pc kit box

Dimension: 88.5 * 74.3* 17.5mm



Hard box: 130*108*55mm; Customized is accepted.

T3 (1) T3 (3) T3 (2) T3 (4) T3 (5) T3 (6) T3 (7) T3 (8) T3 (9) T3 (10) T3 (11) T3 (12) T3 (14) T3 (13)

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