When it rains, the Led Headlight Bulb are invisible, and the lights are not bright enough. What bulbs should I replace?

          In rainy days, the LED headlights are invisible, because the penetration of the LED lights is not good, and the reflection of the rain, the light cannot be refracted. In addition, the color temperature of LED lights is generally above 6000K, and the color of the light is white, which is similar to the color of rain and fog, which makes it difficult to see in rainy or foggy days. However, in general, the brightness of LED lights is still very high.

          Any cars are originally halogen lamps. The light color is yellowish and the penetration is very good. It is more suitable for use in rainy and foggy weather, but the brightness is low, which is also what many car owners complain about. The original car lights are not bright enough, you can replace xenon lights or LED lights with higher brightness, you need to install a lens, but it is not recommended to replace the lights with higher power than the original car.

         In theory, the higher the power of the lights, the brighter the brightness. But in fact, the higher the power of the lights, the better, because the higher the power, the higher the working temperature, and the life of the lights will be shortened as the temperature increases, which requires better heat dissipation. In addition, since the car line has a rated power, if the power of the car light is high and exceeds the load of the car wire, the line will heat up, which will lead to burnout. Therefore, if you think the lights are not bright enough, it is recommended to replace the LED lens or laser lens with the same wattage. If it is rainy or foggy, the owner of the vehicle with high light penetration during driving can recommend replacing the dedicated fog light led bulb or fog light. Lamp lens to deal with this bad weather.


Post time: Aug-05-2022
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