[PRODUCT] What Tests Do We Do To Ensure Our LED Headlight Bulbs’ Quality?


  Welcome to BULBTEK, we are a 12+ years manufacturer for auto LED headlight bulb.
  Today I would like to talk about the LED headlight bulbs’ tests.
  Many people may wonder that why suppliers do many tests for LED headlight bulbs? Is it necessary?
  In my opinion, yes, it’s definitely necessary. The tests are the important standards to ensure the LED headlight bulbs’ quality.
  The LED bulbs may have quality problems in most cases if they did not pass the tests. It would be hard to do inspection and cost much for compensation if there were problems for the LED bulbs several months after sold to foreign market, what’s worse, it may ruin the brand.
  What tests do we do to ensure our BULBTEK’S LED headlight bulbs’ quality?
  1.High & low temperature test: we light up the LED bulbs and put them into the TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY PROGRAMMABLE CHAMBER which was set up with a high temperature exceed 90°C (or low temperature under -45°C) for 1-2 weeks.
  2.Salty spray test: we put the LED bulbs into the PRECISION SALT SPRAY TESTER for 1-2 weeks, then check if the LED bulbs were corroded or not.
  3.Frozen test: we put the LED bulbs into fridge until the bulbs are totally frozen, take out and break the ice, then light up to check if the bulbs work normally or not.
3. X8-冰冻
  4.Waterproof test: we light up the LED bulbs and put them inside the hot water until the bulbs died (You can check our last article: Is the LED Headlight Bulb really Waterproof?).
  Besides, we use the professional INTEGRATING SPHERE to test all the LED headlight bulbs’ real data (real power & lumen & LUX).
  We BULBTEK just launched some new LED headlight bulbs, below are the details for reference:
  HP3 series: 54W/pc. Cooling type: fan + 2 * copper pipe square 3*3mm
  XD35E series: Plug & play D series LED to HID ballast, high compatibility & stability, CANBUS inside.
  MINI2: 1:1 halogen design, 35W/pc, fan cooling.
  H15S: 38W/pc, cooling type: fan + 1 * copper pipe square 2.5*2.5mm, strong CANBUS.
  G7S: 46W/pc. Cooling type: fan + 2 * copper pipe φ3mm, strong CANBUS.
  Thanks for reading, welcome to follow our social media and websites if you want to see the above tests for those new arrival items, and be free to contact us if you have interests.
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Post time: Nov-10-2022
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