[PRODUCT] Are LED Headlight Bulbs Real High Power?


  Welcome to BULBTEK, we are a professional manufacturer which engaged in auto LED headlight bulbs, Car LED bulbs(signal, width, turning, reversing, parking, braking, doom, etc.) and HID xenon bulbs for more than 12 years.
  Recently, more and more suppliers advertise that their LED headlight bulbs are 80W, 100W, some bulbs are even 200W, 500W, are they really 80W, 100W, 200W or 500W? are the LED headlight bulbs real high power?
  First of all, we must make clear that what’s the definition of high power, actually there is no official definition of high power for auto LED headlight bulbs industry so far. In last 5-7 years most of the LED headlight bulbs’ power are below 50W for 1 piece, in recent two years, there are some bulbs beyond 50W/pc in the market, so lets’ say the so called “HIGH POWER” is “STABLE 50W” for only 1 piece LED headlight bulb, then we try to tell the LED headlight bulbs in the market are real high power(50W/pc) or not.
  Situation 1: the start power is 50W/pc, the stable power is below 50W/pc.
  Situation 2: the stable power is for pair not for piece. Like 1 piece bulb’s stable power is 25W, the supplier will say it’s 50W, actually 50W is for pair.
  Situation 3: the power is just the combination of the chips’ theoretical optimal value. Like 1 piece CSP chip is technically optimum 10W in theory, but actually the working power for 1 piece CSP chip is just stable 6 watt to 8 watt in the products, but some suppliers still advertise it 60 watt (10 watt * 6 CSP chips), actually the whole bulb’s real power is just 36W to 48W.
  Situation 4: the stable power of 1 piece bulb is 60W in ambient temperature 20℃ to 30℃, 40W-45W in ambient temperature 50℃ to 60℃, below 30W in ambient temperature 80+℃. Because there is an intelligent temperature control IC (by lowering current/power to keep bulb in a lower temperature) in these kind of bulbs.
  Conclusion: the situations 1, 2 and 3 are not real high power(50W/pc), is the situation 4 high power or not? You tell me.
  Does the high power mean high lumen?
  Normally YES as for the very same piece bulb (with same design, components and materials), before the chips reached its’ highest power value. Just pay attention to the temperature of the chips, the higher temperature the chip is, the higher risk of burning.
  Therefore, be careful and don’t be cheated if you are new in this industry and looking for real high power and super bright LED headlight bulb. We BULBTEK just launched some series of high power LED headlight bulbs as below for your reference:
HP3 series: Power: 54W/start, 50W/stable. Cooling type: fan + 2 * copper pipe square 3*3mm.
HP2 series: Power: 54W/start, 45W/stable. Cooling type: fan + 1 * copper pipe round φ3mm + heat sink fin(aluminum plated with copper).
HP1 series: Power: 53W/start, 50W/stable. Cooling type: fan + 1 * copper pipe round φ4mm.
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Post time: Oct-28-2022
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