INVITATION OF 2024 IAPEX show from BULBTEK IRAN IAPEX 2024 auto show, Booth #38-222 #, June 18th-21st.


Welcome to the 19th Auto Parts International Exhibition

Address: Tehran Chamran expressway Permanent intl Fairgrounds

Date: June 18th - 21st, 2024      

BULBTEK Booth No: # 38-222 #     

Many new products will be launched.

Warmly welcome to visit us.

BULBTEK will show new arrival products:

1.High power LED headlight bulbs 112W 9000LM(stable/pc)

2.Three copper pipes + copper heat sink (start 130W/pc, stable 86W/pc)

3.1:1 Halogen size LED headlight bulb 

4.LED Signal bulbs,Strong CANBU series

IRAN IAPEX 2024-1.jpg  (1)

LED Headlight Bulbs

HP11: high power 130 W & 11500 lumens start/pc, fan + fin + 2 * copper pipe cooling

HP10: high power 136 W & 10800 lumens start/pc, fan + fin + 3 * copper pipe cooling

HP8: high power 100 W & 8200 lumens start/pc, fan + fin + 3 * copper pipe cooling

HP6: high power 110 W & 9000 lumens start/pc, fan + fin + 2 * copper pipe cooling

HP3: SUPER CANBUS LED headlight (optional three colors + flashing)

High Power LED Headlight Lamp.jpg

Mini LED headlight bulbs:

Mini6: real 1:1 halogen size 27 W & 3000 lumens start/pc, turbo fan,

Mini3: real1:1 halogen size 45W & 4200 lumens start/pc, turbo fan, copper heat sink, copper pipe square

Mini Plug and Play LED Headlight Bulbs.jpg

LED Signal bulbs:

Fan cooling big power series

Fanless no noise series

Strong CANBUS series

Festoon CANBUS series

LED T20 T25 S25  signal turn reverse brake bulb.jpg

Bulbtek LED products are stable with high performance. We have been expanding the range of auto LED lighting products, to meet the needs of customers.

We provide high-end customized (OEM and ODM) products and services for customers.Hope you can find suitable products, waiting for your arrival.

Thanks all for your support, and look forward to meeting you.

BULBTEK website:

More videos and pictures on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.







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