BULBTEK IRAN IAPEX 2024 auto show, Booth #38-222, June 18th-21st


BULBTEK China team visited Amir Kabir street Kashani mall

We held a series of discussions with Iranian companies and both sides gained valuable experience. 


BULBTEK showed various products as below:

1.High power LED headlight bulbs 112W 9000LM(stable/1pc)

2.Mini size LED headlight bulbs(stable 25 watts, 3000 lumen/1pc)

3.MINI H4 LED projector: wider, brighter, smooth. 

4.LED signal bulbs(turning, reversing, bracking, etc).  


Here are the details for the products information. 

1.High power series LED headlight bulbs:

HP11: high power 112 watt & 9000 lumen stable/1pc, fan + fin + 2 * copper pipe cooling,

HP10: high power 86 watt & 7000 lumen stable/1pc, fan + fin + 3 * copper pipe cooling,

HP8: high power 60 watt & 5400 lumen stable/1pc, fan + fin + 2 * copper pipe cooling,

HP6: high power 80 watt & 6800 lumen stable/1pc, fan + fin + 2 * copper pipe cooling,

HP3: high power 50 watt & 4000 lumen stable/1pc, fan + 2 * copper pipe cooling.

High Power LED Headlight Lamp

2. Mini LED headlight bulbs:

MINI6S: real 1:1 halogen size 25 watt & 2200 lumen stable/pc, turbo fan, 

MINI9: 1:1 halogen size 38 watt & 3800 lumen stable/pc, fan + 1 * copper pipe

MINI3: 1:1 halogen size 40 watt & 3700 lumen stable/pc,fan + fin+ 1 * copper pipe, 

Mini Plug and Play LED Headlight Bulbs

3. LED Signal bulbs:

Top lens series,

Strong CANBUS series,

Fanless no noise series,

Festoon CANBUS series.

LED T10 T15 T20 T24 TS25

Thank you again for visiting, we are honored to cooperate with you and hope to maintain a good relationship with you, 

welcome OEM & ODM and exclusive partners from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us. 

Bulbtek LED products are stable with high performance, thanks all for your support, looking forward to meeting you. 

BULBTEK website: https://www.bulbtek.com

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