[PRODUCT] Introduction of BULBTEK New Arrival Bi-LED Projector Lens


    Welcome to BULBTEK, we are a professional manufacturer which engaged in Bi-LED projector lens, auto LED headlight bulbs and LED instrument/signal bulbs for 13+ years, we are always dedicated to research & development and keep launching new products constantly.
    Today I would like to talk about the features of our new arrival Bi-LED projector lens:
1. 3.0inch and 2.5inch for optional, fitting for most cars,
2. Well-designed detailed structure, optimize the lighting pattern, the internal and external heat conduction and dissipation,
3. Upgraded LED chip module, high power & super bright,
4. Intelligent cooling system, super heat conduction and dissipation,
5. Supreme light performance, standard low beam and high beam pattern,
6. No damage modification and with damage modification for optional,
7. Full sealed waterproof design, no worry about bad weather.
https://www.bulbtek.com/ https://www.bulbtek.com/
    Welcome to contact our salesman to inquiry those new arrival Bi-LED projector lens.
    How to install the bi-led projector lens?
1. Take off the headlight and put it inside the high temperature oven,
2. Separate the plastic transparent cover with the headlight assembly,
3. Measure and drill holes on the original internal reflector,
4. Fix the Bi-LED projector lens on the headlight with screws,
5. Paste the plastic transparent cover and the headlight assembly together with glue.
6. Install the headlight back on car.
    Normally it’s impossible to install this Bi-LED projector lens by customers themselves, cause the installation needs professional machine like the high temperature oven. Highly suggest you go to the professional repair shop to do installation if you are interested in the bi-LED projector lens.
    Now the Bi-LED projector lens are popular in Eastern Europe(including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, etc…), Western Aisa(including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, etc…), Southeast Asia, Middle East area and Latin America. We BULBTEK warmly welcome those people who run the business of auto lighting products to try this Bi-LED projector lens.
    Thanks for reading, BULBTEK also is professional for LED headlight bulbs and car LED signal/instrument bulb, warmly welcome to inquiry.

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Post time: Mar-28-2023
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